Last modified: April 14, 2020

The Project

“Material Selection” @ Share Shed, Salisbury

The event was hosted at Share Shed, Queensland’s first library of things. Established in late 2017, this social enterprise is part of the growing worldwide Library of Things and Tool Library movement.

Speakers of the night:

Nicole Bray – co- founder of “Share Shed” / Nicole told us about her story and how she got into founding Share Shed as a social enterprise which provides a wide range of quality items without the need to buy or store. Looking at “things” from a sharing point of view, she gave us a shed tour and explained the “do more, own less” approach and how to get involved.

Asher Christopher – owner and founder of “Austeplighting” / Asher is working on several green projects. He has an honest interest in improving the planet and is doing so with every project or discipline he is working on. Asher educated us about LED’s and challenges associated like product life, maintenance and more.

Jorge Acevedo – Climate change and sustainability consultant / Jorge talked about practical materials in construction using his own project Casa Urbana Sustentable (CUS) as an example. CUS attained what most of us dream about: a house that is ambitiously less impacting to the environment, improving health and comfort for less money than conventional housing, without having to abandon the city where most people want to live.

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