Last modified: September 22, 2018

Eco Expo 2018 / Bioplastics and why bio is not the same as bio

The bottom line up front – Any current petrochemical plastic product can be substituted by a bioplastic. Oil‐based plastics are bad ‐ bad for the environment and bad for you. We all know this but still seem to turn a blind eye to it. Good news is, there are environmentally friendly and healthy alternatives in the form of bioplastics that are emerging on the market.

Ronny’s presentation started with some “food for thought” on our general approach on sustainability in the western world and the issues with in our capitalist system.


Building on that, the focus was on the plastic industry as the biggest polluter of them all and our current activities and future plans to transform today’s petrochemical plastic industry into a sustainable and environmentally friendly domain. Ronny explained certain myths on both, petro‐ (bad) and bio‐ (good) plastics, as well as the basics on bioplastics and gave an outline on what to look for in plastics to be sure you are not being fooled into some green washed plastic product by misleading industry marketing.

Last but not least Ronny introduced the audience to a internationally awarded range of biopolymers and showed the wide range of products made from it ‐ both in testing phase and already available on the market, from innovative planting systems to household goods and 3D printing filament.

Overall Ronny delivered and very inspiring presentation and started a discussing on how to turn the plastic industry into a sustainable domain.

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