Last modified: April 14, 2020

The Project

Before being demolished to make way for the new underground Roma Street Station as part of the Cross River Rail and 'Brisbane Live' project, we were able to use Hotel Jen as a case study.

In collaboration with Brand & Slater (architect) and Rohrig (builder) we installed textile glass as a sustainable renovation alternative in the commercial amenities of the hotel's event space. After testing different methods to close the grouts and to level out the existing surfaces, we applied textile glass on top while being able to keep the wall tiles underneath. Finishing the surface with a zero VOC paint coating, we achieved the durable and aesthetically pleasing wall finish we aimed for.

The valuable knowledge gained from this project was since utilised and developed in other projects of similar nature and has led to being able to offer a renovation alternative for existing wall tiles which is not only mess free and sustainable, but also very cost and time efficient.

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