Last modified: April 14, 2020

The Project

In response to the Mon Community’s request for assistance, WeCreate Studio proposed to build a new clinic, called the Jhoe Khar Prout Community Clinic, to replace the existing dilapidated one in the village. According to architect Trecia Lim, the aim with this project is to provide a more durable building with better healthcare facilities and the opportunity for skillset training for the local youths.

The new structure will have 10 in patients department beds, two out patient department beds for examination and consultations as well as a store for vaccines, which the previous facility did not have. The construction of the clinic will involve partnership with community authorities, the employment of local people through an apprenticeship programs and a design emphasis on materials and environmental sustainability.

DSGNK collaborated with WeCreate Studio and spend 2 weeks in the border area to photo document the building progress and local environment, while providing design input and a helping hand on the project when needed.

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