Last modified: April 14, 2020

The Project

The Mon Community clinic is located in JhoeKhar Prout, a village in a township called Ye near the Thai-Myanmar border.  ‘Jhoe’ or ‘Jo’ means river, ‘KharProut’ is the name of a local tree. There are about 140 households, with a total population of about 650 people. They are considered Internal Displaced Person (IDP), a term used by the United Nations to refer to people who have fled their homes but not their country, for one reason or another.

The Mon are an ethnic group who live on both sides of Thai-Myanmar border. They were among the earliest people to live in South-east Asia. They speak the Mon language which has influenced many other South-east Asian languages. Most of the locals work in farms while others find work outside their village, particularly in Thailand. Due to a lack of infrastructure, transportation is limited. There is access to the village only in the dry season. During the rainy season, the villagers use boats to get around.  There is also no internet and telephone coverage, and electricity is largely from small solar panels.

DSGNK collaborated with WeCreate Studio, the architect behind the project, and spend 2 weeks in the border area to photo document the building progress and local environment, while providing design input and a helping hand on the project when needed.

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