After creating the branding for The Palaone, DSGNK got hired to design The Palaone workation retreat on the outskirts of Puerto Princesa. The bigger picture in our collaboration with the local developer is to create a birthplace for a new consumer driven design movement, inspiring a circular economy around renewable, local materials, which will help in preserving the unique nature and environment of the island and provide opportunities to the local people.

Situated on a 2,800sqm hill top property, The Palaone project will be developed in 3 stages and serve as an architectural “test ground” for future sustainable land and community developments on the island of Palawan and beyond. A series of cabins around a main house (set up as a micro grid) will form the workation retreat where skills, knowledge and resources are shared for the personal improvement of its residents, visitors and the local neighborhood. Nestled into the existing nature, each of the cabins constructed in the first development stage, is a contemporary version of the local bahay kubo (or nipa hut) and will have minimal impact to the land. The open and flexible design allows for various “placemaking” options for up to 7 people per cabin, so we leave it with the visitors to decide whether they like to live, work or relax while staying at The Palaone.

The project serves as a real time education facility throughout all building stages and as an authentic show case of regenerative development for people to experience firsthand. It is set out to become a Carbon Positive Development with multiple beneficial relationships between humans and nature that actively restore ecosystems and support the local community to thrive.