Last modified: April 14, 2020

The Project

Winner People’s Choice Award / Professional Category

Sustainable Housing for Life Design Competition 2015

The THREE BY TREE is a modular house in its true sense, providing a maximum level of individual flexibility. Designed to be fully self-sufficient and deconstructable, it combines ecological, social and economic sustainability to a holistic approach. The design keeps the needs and lifestyle at the fore-front of all considerations leaving the placemaking including decisions on overall size, finishes and layout to the future inhabitants.

THREE BY TREE is a ‘system design’ providing the framework to create and adjust the inhabitant’s settings according to their personal needs, lifestyle and budget. It consists of three main parts and can be adapted to life circumstances and needs at any stage of life. In addition, it can be multiplied vertically and horizontally to cater for various urban and rural situations.

The three main parts to THREE BY TREE are:

1. Frame – the main structure of the building offers access and supply or storage space. It aims to be a common space for community integration on the ground level (as connector to the community) where ideas and resources can be shared without imposing on the private areas of the house;

2. Envelope – the outer skin of the building creates a double PV ventilated façade harvesting the sun’s energy for electricity and heating. It gives the possibility to use one or more sides of the facade as vertical gardens; and

3. Core – 81m2 decks on individual levels consisting of nine 3×3 squares. The decks are the dynamic parts, which can be easily refitted and adjusted or adapted for the inhabitant’s needs without having to change the frame or envelope.

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