Our client put her house on the market and wanted to show interested buyer’s an additional potential with the existing property. After a brief meeting with the owner, DSGNK was engaged to create a concept floor plan design and 3D visualisation.

The scope of work focused around the extension of the upstairs back deck, connecting it to the existing kitchen and living area. Due to feedback received through open house visits, we also integrated an internal staircase. The simple changes resulted into an open “loop” upstairs, connecting between inside and outside space and a much better flow between the 2 levels in general, showing the potential of this beautiful Queenslander home.


The Simple is the first English version of a book written by Dr. Wisit Sriphibool, published more than 20 times in the original Thai language. According to the author, it is a written guide that can be followed without any doubts and will allow you to reach enlightenment in every possible way, learning about the laws of attracting wealth, prosperity and success.

DSGNK was engaged to create the English e-book version, ready to go online for purchase, including layout and visualization to match the “law of attraction” spirit of the book.

If you like to find out about the oriental secret for forever ultimate success, you can purchase the e-book as Kindle version here.


In response to the Mon Community’s request for assistance, WeCreate Studio proposed to build a new clinic, called the Jhoe Khar Prout Community Clinic, to replace the existing dilapidated one in the village. According to architect Trecia Lim, the aim with this project is to provide a more durable building with better healthcare facilities and the opportunity for skillset training for the local youths.

The new structure will have 10 in patients department beds, two out patient department beds for examination and consultations as well as a store for vaccines, which the previous facility did not have. The construction of the clinic will involve partnership with community authorities, the employment of local people through an apprenticeship programs and a design emphasis on materials and environmental sustainability.

DSGNK collaborated with WeCreate Studio and spend 2 weeks in the border area to photo document the building progress and local environment, while providing design input and a helping hand on the project when needed.


The Mon Community clinic is located in JhoeKhar Prout, a village in a township called Ye near the Thai-Myanmar border.  ‘Jhoe’ or ‘Jo’ means river, ‘KharProut’ is the name of a local tree. There are about 140 households, with a total population of about 650 people. They are considered Internal Displaced Person (IDP), a term used by the United Nations to refer to people who have fled their homes but not their country, for one reason or another.

The Mon are an ethnic group who live on both sides of Thai-Myanmar border. They were among the earliest people to live in South-east Asia. They speak the Mon language which has influenced many other South-east Asian languages. Most of the locals work in farms while others find work outside their village, particularly in Thailand. Due to a lack of infrastructure, transportation is limited. There is access to the village only in the dry season. During the rainy season, the villagers use boats to get around.  There is also no internet and telephone coverage, and electricity is largely from small solar panels.

DSGNK collaborated with WeCreate Studio, the architect behind the project, and spend 2 weeks in the border area to photo document the building progress and local environment, while providing design input and a helping hand on the project when needed.


Stardigi is a Bangkok based business that helps companies to understand and unlock potential customers by strategically placing in-stream videos ads in online media.

Founder and business owner Nutchsara contacted DSGNK to request a new design for their website including a new company logo, business cards as well as an explanatory graphic showing the services and customer benefits Stardigi offers to their clients.


Domus-AU is an Australian company offering a unique modular housing system. According to the founder and architect Edward Duc, the aim has always been a design to achieve quality at a reasonable cost as well as consideration of simplicity of construction. Sustainability plays an important part in “the freedom house”, aiming for a long life, loose fit and low energy consumption.

After the first prototype of the domus-AU concept was assembled near Newcastle NSW in 2016, Ronny met Edward at the 2018 Modular Construction and Pre-Fabrication ANZ Conference in Sydney. A year after the presentation and our initial meeting, Edward wanted to bring his system to the market. He approached DSGNK to develop a concept for illustrations representing the core ideas of his modular system in Australian settings.

Having tried other visualisation services before, Edward was very particular with the outcome and level of detail he wanted. After establishing some basic ideas for the visualisation of three different designs – Snug, Breezeway and Deck House – we went through a process of preparing sketches and collages, before producing 3D renderings for each of the designs. Due to the clients specific requirements and his trained eye for detail, it took us a little while to get it right, but receiving a “your images look fantastic” feedback at the end is proof of our work being appreciated.


This project involved not only the logo design, but also the creation of a name / branding representing the core ideas and philosophy behind a sustainable and community based development in Palawan / the Philippines.

Inspired by Baybayin – an indigenous Indic script that has been widely used in traditional Tagalog domains – we came up with the name PALAONE and started creating the branding around it.

DSGNK is very excited to be involved in the further development of the PALAONE brand as well as the architectural development of the project.


Graphic design job for Eco Effective Solutions (architect) to create brochures for advertising three variations of sustainable and modular accommodation units at an industry event in late 2018.

Besides developing the overall concept and layout, our scope involved producing CAD drawings, sketches and renderings based on the architects ideas. DSGNK assisted with small design tasks as well as organising the printing and logistics for the material to arrive at the event. The three brochures – stackable, multipurpose and flatpack – were well received by everyone involved and our collaborative approach proofed itself once more, being able to deliver all desired outcomes on time, while being located in different parts of the world.

Since our engagement, the architect visited the manufacturing site in PNG to liaise with the client in person and first prototypes have been built as a result of this collaboration.


Australian Diamond Portfolio is an independent investment diamond brokerage specialising in the acquisition of rare coloured diamonds.

DSGNK was engaged to provide videography services, in form of photos and a series of short educational videos, while maintaining the existing branding of the company. In close collaboration with executive director Anna Cisecki, we developed a strategy for the production of webinars and “money shots” of the diamonds, before meeting at their high security premises in Sydney’s CBD.

Furthermore, our scope of work included putting together storyboards for each of the videos, on site filming and photography with hired local actors as well as post production services e.g. voice over, editing and cutting.


If you are looking for an authentic local experience with a charming flair in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – ACLANA Lodge is the place to book. The owners of the family owned and operated business approached us for a simple, yet classic logo representing the unique flair of their lodge.

In close collaboration with the client we developed first ideas through hand sketches, which turned into digital images and eventually into an authentic marketing package the family identifies with. If you are in Addis next time, make sure to stop by ACLANA Lodge and while there, don´t forget to look at the logo and say hello to the family from us.

“Go with DSGNK beyond mere functional designs and guarantee yourself people-centered, intuitive and environmentally conscious architecture. DSGNK gave our marketing a facelift with branding of homeliness that our guests can relate to.”

Luladay Aragaw


Our client was in urgent need of a fresh and funky graphic design to brand the most delicious organic joghurt on our planet. After a chat with owner Bim it was pretty clear that we would have to go for a “comic style cow” theme, since this was how it all started for him…a long time ago!

Besides creating the overall branding and providing different graphic options for packaging solutions and marketing material, we also designed and build a one off presentation board for the market stall, displaying the range of goods.

Special thanks to David from EcoExpress Printing for delivering an amazing print job in such a short time.


A photography commission job to promote one of Brisbane’s most iconic pubs after it went through some major renovations. The photos were use for a website update as well as for general marketing material. Queensland Hotels Association (QHA) also published an article on the renovation including our photographs.