At DSGNK™ we promote open source design. Sharing our work, ideas and knowledge is our driver for innovation and productivity, leading to achieve our bigger goal - a better quality of life for the broader community. If this sounds like something you want to support, we like to hear from you.



At DSGNK™ we always strive for tangible solutions, while inspiring our clients to implement more transparency and sustainability into their projects. Providing honest and independent feedback, to be followed up by fresh ideas and unconventional concepts is highly valued by our clients and gained us a reputation as creative innovators in the design and building industry.



In collaboration with the Green Building Institute Australia, DSGNK™ provides access to know how in sustainability and sustainable practices for the property, design and construction industry. Visit our awarded, state of the art online portal to upskill on sustainable design and construction anytime and anywhere you like.



We love to talk about what we do and share insights on how we do it. Delivering engaging lectures, running workshops or public speaking has always been an important part of DSGNK™ connecting with the broader community. If you are looking for an inspiring speaker for your event, please contact us to discuss details.



At DSGNK™ we produce publications and give interviews as another channel to share our work, ideas and know how. Please contact us, if you like to help in making sustainable design and architecture more easily accessible for everyone by displaying, distributing or sharing our work.


“We have received fabulous feedback for his presentations and the audiences found his presentations very informative and enjoyable. Without doubt, Ronny has a captivating delivery manner with extensive expert knowledge. It was a pleasure having Ronny as a presenter and I highly recommend him.”

A.C. – CPD provider, Sydney


  • Modern education is highly individualized and more activity based, using questioning, explaining, demonstration and collaboration techniques. Teachers work more like mentors, since the new generation of learners crave constant knowledge and demand information anytime and anywhere, which is provided by modern technology. Using the available technology, individuals are afterwards able to apply the skills acquired in real life leading to innovations and improvement of our society.

  • Soft skills are a cluster of productive personality traits that characterize one's relationships in a particular environment. They can be categorised into three key elements: people skills, social skills, and personal career attributes. Soft skills cannot be taught by definition, but they certainly can be learnt and developed. The importance of soft skills lies in the fact that they are not restricted to a specific field and can be used in every aspect of people’s lives, without any need to readapt them based on the situation.

  • Activity-based learning is the process of learning by doing. It helps to understand and solve ‘real-life’ scenarios, while encouraging to actively participate in your own learning experience through practical activities carried out individually or in a group. This supports social development and assists in developing important skills, such as problem-solving, critical thinking and independent investigation, which are essential for future work and social life.



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DSGNK is a multidisciplinary design studio. We create identities for people and companies to reflect individuality in balance with nature.
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