Smart (re)use of material – both waste and renewable – combined with cutting edge technology is one of our keys to unlock a more sustainable future.

Through collaboration, research and experimental design we are able to showcase alternative solutions and explore more future resource potentials making the necessary transitions one project at a time.



Biopolymers are one of the most exciting opportunities for the future of sustainable design, mainly due to their broad range of applications. In collaboration with our German partner Tecnaro we provide plant-based solutions to ensure a sustainable future of the plastic industry. Together we work towards establishing manufacturing of future plastics on the basis of a new, sustainable added value chain utilising existing (bio)waste streams.



Being a well-established standard on any European interior walls for decades, textile glass is still fairly new to the ANZ market. In collaboration with our affiliates and local industry partners, we have created numerous commercial and residential case studies showing the multiple benefits of this durable, versatile and eco-friendly wall covering in local conditions. Together, we provide a full scope service around this product, including consultation to architects and other decision makers, product supply, on site installation and industry training.



Regarded as one of the key materials for the future of civilisation, this plant based raw material offers exciting opportunities based on a wide range of applications. Through research and experimental design, we aim to further explore the positive properties of biochar to create alternative plant-based solution for different industries. Whether it will be as storage for volatile nutrients, as insulation in the building industry or as a filter for a sewage plant to only name a few.



Being able to easily detect, pinpoint and visualise acoustic problems helps to provide efficient solutions. Collaborating with HW Technologies provides us and our clients with access to this amazing technology offering help to almost any noise issue. The fields of application are as diverse as the world of sound itself and range from measurements in the open field and interior spaces to use in automation engineering. Got a noise challenge you need help with?


“Ronny and his team has been a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to Norfolk Blinds as we begin our journey into the world of sustainable building products and design. Ronny is introducing an awareness to architects and design professionals for the need to sustainable solar control whilst still providing modern and aesthetically appealing finishes. We recommend Ronny as an authority and well credentialed contact in sustainable building and design.” Paul H. – director Norfolk Blinds, Tasmania



  • Yes. The successful combination of sustainability and innovation development already plays an important role which is likely to increase in the future. Numerous companies are already using innovative solutions that promote sustainable development to increase their competitiveness. This not only ensures the future viability of a company, but also makes an important contribution to sustainable development through product and process innovations, which can, for example, involve more efficient use of resources. This is particularly important in developing and emerging countries. Because here innovations can contribute to the fact that an unsustainable economy – as in the times of industrialization in Europe – is leapfrogged and the development process of these countries can be fast-tracked and made more sustainable.

  • Purpose-driven companies stand for and take action on something bigger than focusing on making profit from their products and services. Instead, they make an individual purpose their main driver, which very often makes them very successful entities for three main reasons: Purpose is a core differentiator. Purpose-oriented companies have higher productivity and growth rates, along with a more satisfied workforce who stay longer with them.

  • Originated in software development, Open Source Design is the development of technology and ideas without retention of intellectual property. The goal is to allow for the continued development and full customization of products by making it freely available to anyone. It is a driver for innovation advancing the world more quickly and helping to become a better place.

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