Last modified: April 14, 2020

The Project

"An average person will spend approximately 1.5 years of their life in the toilet. Why not make some of that time an experience you will remember?"

DSGNK's concept design for the Dunny competition in Kenilworth, QLD is based on the idea of making the time we spend in the toilet an experience. Rather than designing a toilet as some “standard monument”, we decided to integrate our loo into a productive and recreational landscape for the community and their visitors.

While going for a simple, yet creative set up for the toilet itself, we feel the bigger picture is crucial and needs to be considered. Therefore our solution looks at the entire site, proposing a holistic space, which works fully self-sufficient. For this reason, the entire site is planned to work as a closed loop, reducing waste and maintenance to an absolute minimum. Depending on the acceptance of the initial stage our concept allows for future growth, to either remain as proposed or to grow organically with a rising level of activity on site.

Project Team: Ronny Matzat, Aiden Taylor

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DSGNK is a multidisciplinary design studio. We create identities for people and companies to reflect individuality in balance with nature.
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